Putting our clients

For more than 5 years, we’ve been empowering clients by helping them take control of their financial lives.


We work tirelessly to serve individuals, communities, institutions and nations. With many years of experience meeting the world’s toughest challenges and seizing its greatest opportunities, we strive to create the best outcomes for our clients and customers with financial solutions that are simple, creative and responsible.


Our mission is to create The Future of financial freedom for all our customers so that they can earn even while they are asleap.


Money management is part and parcel of our trading strategy. Besides knowing which currencies to trade and recognizing entry and exit signals, we know how to manage your resources and integrate money management into our trading plan.

Trust the Professionals

We are a group of passionate, independent thinkers who never stop exploring new ways to improve trading for the self-directed investor.


Chief Executive Officer

Cynthia Dixon


Executive Assistant

Arthur Parker


Marketing Specialist

Evelyn Mason


Human Resources

Bryan Greene

Number speaks

We always ready
for a challenge.


Trading instruments

We have enough instruments to put your money to good use, you do not have to worry about anything


Countries covered

Our active customers span more than 10 countries and are ready to work with us for their financial freedom.